What Is Happening to Today’s Golfers?

Jason Day doesn’t want to be walking around with a cane when he is 40.  Golf has always been known to be game you could play for a lifetime.  With today’s modern golfer though and all the emphasis on fitness and strength and swinging hard to carry the ball 300 yards, more guys are getting injured and shortening their careers.  Below is an article written in Golf Digest.  Enjoy!

Jason Day to Tiger Woods: ‘At 40, I don’t want to be walking around with a cane’

JOLLA, Calif. — Long is good in golf, but longevity is better, which was a topic of conversation recently between Jason Day and Tiger Woods.

Day, No. 1 in the World Ranking, is attempting to find a way to retain the skills that carried him to No. 1, among them the ability to launch the ball miles, without sacrificing his health.

“I was talking to Tiger about this the other day,” Day said at Torrey Pines Golf Course here on Tuesday. “I said I want to win as much and I want to be successful and all that stuff, but at 40, I don’t want to be walking around with a cane.

“There’s nothing like having your health and being able to wake up in the morning and just jump up and not even have a care in the world that your body’s injured.”

Day, who is making his second start of the year in the Farmers Insurance Open this week, is concerned about his back, which caused him to withdraw from the Tour Championship last September and shut his season down until the SBS Tournament of Champions earlier this month.

source:  Golfdigest.com